Carpentry 11

This course is the second part of the carpentry section of the Carpentry Certificate course. Students must complete Carpentry 1, before they are able to enroll in Carpentry 11.

The course is divided into three sections. 1. Roof Construction 2. Cabinet Making 3. Concrete Formwork.

Roof Construction deals with the framing of Gable and Hip roofs. Upon completion of this section, students will be able to mark out and cut out the various component members of a roof frame. They will be able to assemble the members to construct the roof frame. They will be able to install roof decking and asphalt shingles.

Cabinet Making deals with the construction and installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They will cut and assemble components to construct face frame and frameless cabinets. For kitchen cabinets they will apply plastic laminate to the cabinets. The cabinets will include a drawer and door, and students will know how to install the appropriate hardware.

Concrete Formwork deals with the construction of wooden forms to hold concrete in the construction of slabs, and columns. The students will also be exposed to concrete construction, looking at mixture, components and placing of concrete.

This course covers the installation of plumbing  fixtures such water heaters,bath tubs,water pipes, lavatories,D.W.V fittings, plumbing hand tools,valves,and devices.