The student will develop the knowledge and skills related to the operation and function of steering and suspension systems. Alignment, testing, diagnosis and repair of modern vehicle systems will be emphasized.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
1.Identify various types of steering systems and steering problems
2.Diagnose and service power steering systems

3.Diagnose and service rack and pinion steering systems

4.Diagnose and repair parallelogram steering systems

5.Diagnose and service steering column damage

6.Explain the purpose of the valves

7.Apply alignment angles and measurements

8.Diagnose and service strut type front suspensions

9.Diagnose and service short arm/long arm front suspension systems

10.Remove, replace, and align front and rear frame cradles and sub-assemblies

11.Identify steering axis inclination (SAI), king pin inclination (KPI), and angle related problems, diagnose and complete repair

12.Inspect and check tires and wheels for wear and run-out, diagnose, and repair

13.Check and adjust front wheel toe, and center steering wheel

14.Diagnose and service rear suspension systems

15.Diagnose rear wheel camber, toe, and thrust angle related problems, and complete repairs

16.Diagnose and service rear axle assembly damage and misalignment

17.Diagnose and service air shock absorbers, load-leveling devices, air springs, and associated lines and fittings

18.Diagnose and service electronically-controlled suspension systems

19.Remove and reinstall wheels, and torque lug nuts

20.With the use of the scan tool diagnose vehicle’s electronic control suspension system, and repair